IPad for Seniors 

IPad is a great computing alternative for seniors. It’s easy to use interface, portability, accessibility options, and great built-in apps like Photos and Maps make it a comfortable fit for those who don’t want to master a full blown desktop or laptop computer.

Useful iPad Features  

You can find out more about each of these features in either of my iPad books:

Picture Frame is a feature that allows you to use your iPad like an animated picture frame displaying a slideshow of images. See Settings, Picture Frame to set this up. ICloud is an online storage and sharing feature that can back up your iPad contents and share content among several devices. Newsstand is a feature that collects various periodical apps so you can subscribe to and download favorite magazines and newspapers.


IPad offers several accessibility features for those with vision, hearing, or dexterity challenges. Under the General settings you’ll find both Keyboard and Accessibility settings. Together they allow you to enlarge text on screen or display text as white against black; set up audio and speak text features, and make the onscreen keyboard easier to use.